Passenger Information for Bus Services

A Passenger information system (PIS) is an automated system for supplying users of public transportation with information about the nature and the state of a public transport service through visual, voice or other media. A display for passenger information system is an important visual medium for this system. One of our customer wanted to develop a display to be used in showing passenger information and asked us for customized solution.

Project requirements

  • Brightness enhancement to 1,000 nits
  • Custom TFT with backlight unit enhancement
  • Anti-reflection coating
  • Custom AD board with firmware upgrade
  • System integration

Bifa Solution

We proposed our customer a 23.6-inch customized display. This display was enhanced brightness to 1,000 nits and anti-reflection coating. We also customized AD board and firmware for this display.

Brightness enhancement to 1,000 nits and anti-reflection coating on the display surface ensured good visual performance in semi-outdoor environment. Furthermore, in order to hasten time to market, we customized AD board with firmware upgrade to integrated this display to customer's specified system.

Why Bifa

  • Well experienced in outdoor and semi-outdoor display solution and integration.
  • Providing display solution and system integration, reducing time to market.
  • Quality assurance