EMI Protection / Custom EMI Shield

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), also known as radio frequency interference (RFI), is interference from external sources. This interference occurs when devices emit signals in close proximity to operating systems. Various devices such as telephones, Bluetooth speakers, microwaves, sensors, and others can cause EMI. Regardless of the industry you operate in, ensuring a reliable, uninterrupted display is paramount.

Shielding against EMI requires a combination of factors such as material impedance, conductivity, and shielding capability, and often requires a combination of specialized shielding designs and techniques to ensure that the effects of electromagnetic interference are effectively minimized or prevented.

We continue to pioneer new approaches to combat EMI. The effects of EMI include power fluctuations and surges that adversely affect medical equipment and industrial controls. As a result, EMI shielding is critical and provides several benefits, including increased system reliability, uninterrupted operation of electronic displays and seamless system functionality.

Our EMI shielding can serve as a barrier to the electromagnetic interference that can cause your display to malfunction.

Several strategies can be used for EMI shielding in display technology.

Metal Mesh in Touch Panel / Cover Glass or Lens

Metal mesh belongs to a kind of conductive material, its shape looks like a barbecue grill composed of very fine metal wires. This technology is different from the traditional ITO conductive layer, which uses silver, copper metallic materials or silver oxides to create a conductive metal mesh pattern on a PET film.

Moire patterns are interference patterns that occur when two similar but slightly offset patterns or grids overlap. These patterns can often appear as unwanted visual artifacts in various types of displays, such as LCDs, monitors, or printed materials. To minimize or eliminate unwanted moire effects, our engineer evaluated, fine-tuned, and configured the display on a case-by-case basis to optimize the display's performance to achieve better visual clarity and reduce interference for a better viewing experience.

EMI Shielding – ITO Glass

ITO glass is a type of conductive glass substrate with electrostatic (EMI) shielding capabilities. It is produced by sputtering a layer of indium tin oxide (ITO), commonly abbreviated as ITO, onto a base of sodium calcium or silicon boron based glass in a vacuum environment. This manufacturing structure gives the glass its EMI shielding ability while maintaining high transparency and excellent optical performance, making it a material with high quality optical properties. This makes it well suited for many display applications that require EMI shielding. In addition, the EMI shielding effectiveness can be customized as needed to meet specific application requirements.

EMI Tape / Copper Foil Tape

Copper foil tapes, also known as EMI shielding tapes, consist of copper foil combined with an acrylic conductive adhesive and are available in various sizes. We use copper foil tape with the panel's laminated structure design to shield the electromagnetic interference generated by the LCD.