A Multi-touch Monitor for On-board Control Terminal

With thousands of daily commuters and tourists, a bus company in a European capital city intended to improve their operations for better efficiency and safety. The company decided to improve the on-board control terminal with an intuitive touch screen that provide a friendly vehicle status interface to assist the drivers during their route completion process. The customer required a keyless vehicle access function, which could provide convenience for the driver and allow the vehicle owner to safely grant other users access to the vehicle.

Project requirements

  • 10.1-inch custom TFT LCD
  • Capacitive touch interface
  • Keypad entry with integrated RFID reader

Bifa Solution

In order to meet the operating efficiency and safety required by the smart transportation system, Bifa designed and delivered a tailored-made touch monitor that includes a capacitive touch LCD, an integrated RFID reader and a keypad membrane.

The capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch to make convenience for operation. A protective film is laminated on the panel surface to ensure reliability and performance. The team also integrated a directional keypad with a RFID reader to facilitate the keyless vehicle access control. Every unit, including touch LCD, RFID and keypad, was fully tested before delivery to ensure quality and functionality.

Why Bifa

  • A wide range of technologies and customized services can design and integrate various functions as required
  • Proficient in professional communication to speed up time to market
  • Quality assurance and delivery