Custom Heater for Display Solution

Extreme cold temperatures can pose a challenge to liquid crystal displays (LCDs). When exposed to colder climates, the liquid inside LCD screens becomes less agile, affecting their response speed. As a result, these conditions can cause portions of the LCD screen to darken or even cause the entire screen to go black. Exposure to extremely low temperatures for an extended period of time has the potential to cause permanent damage to the screen. In order to protect displays in the toughest weather conditions, there are a variety of solutions available for applications that require the use of displays in extreme environmental conditions. Heater is one of the option.

Heater is a small piece of flexible plastic or film which is placed on or below the LCD module. It is manufactured with a layer of conductive film on different base material. Heaters use the properties of electrically conductive materials to generate heat by applying electricity to heat the LCD screen. When the LCD screen is in a low-temperature environment, this heater helps to quickly raise the temperature of the screen to ensure proper operation and display.

The heater operates intermittently, activating only when the temperature exceeds a predetermined threshold. To regulate heater activation, a sensor is required to be integrated into the customer's product to trigger the heater when the ambient temperature reaches a critical level. When triggered, the heater is energized, creating a resistive heating effect that generates heat on the surface of the heater, which is then transferred to the LCD screen, raising its temperature to improve the alignment of the liquid crystal molecules, ensuring that the LCD can display images normally at different ambient temperatures.

Custom PET Heater Solution

The PET heater is a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) base material which covered with a conductive layer. When energized, these conductive materials generate heat that heats the entire film, providing temperature control and uniform heating. It helps prevent problems with condensation or curing of displays that can occur at low temperatures. It is light, thin, flexible and bendable, and has good durability for drop test.

Custom ITO Heater Solution

The ITO heater is constructed on a conductive transparent film with a glass substrate. When energized, the ITO material is electrically conductive and generates heat to heat the entire surface, providing temperature control and uniform heating effects. This controls the temperature of the display panel and helps prevent condensation or curing of the display at low temperatures. Because ITO is a transparent material, the ITO heater is suitable for designs that require transparency.