Display for Station Access Gate

Access gate is an electronically-locked gate that is connected to the access control system, which keeps unauthorized intruders out of your gated commercial facility. It had been widely used in most of stations. One of our customer would like to develop a 5.7-inch display which can fit with their access gate and access control system for station.

Project requirements

  • 5.7-inch custom TFT LCD with high brightness
  • Anti-glare surface
  • Anti-inteference solution

Bifa Solution

Considering to the design and station environment of access gate, we suggested our customer a customized 5.7-inch display with 1,000 nits high brightness, anti-glare surface and anti-interference solution.

A customized high brightness 5.7-inch display with anti-glare surface ensures the good visibility of the environment of station. Furthermore, in order to avoid electromagnetic interference in the station environment, we provided customized anti-interference solution by adding EMI noise absorber. Customer was satisfied with our proposal and soon made it to pilot run.

Why Bifa

  • Bringing value to our customers by providing customized display solution to critical challenges.
  • Having decades of experience in successfully creating display solutions.
  • Professional and attentive engineering services.